How Can We Help You?

SERVICES WE PROVIDE if you qualify:

Negotiate payments less than you owe to wipe out your complete tax liability and release Federal Tax Liens.
You may still file originals returns for past years even if IRS has filed for you. Usually taxes are reduced with the filing of the complete returns.
Negotiate with IRS for removal of IRS wage garnishments and design a plan to move forward.
Negotiate with IRS for removal of tax levies so you can access and use your bank account.
Request information from IRS through the Freedom of Information Act in order to develop your case completely.
Offer a payment plan to IRS that is workable for you.
Represent you before an IRS audit or hearing so you don’t have to appear. Represent you before an Appeals hearing to get them to reconsider your case in or to achieve better results.
Present valid reasons and argue for IRS to remove penalties they have charged you with.
Negotiate with IRS for release of tax liens and setup a plan to solve your tax issues.
Represent you before the collection division of IRS using the appeals process.
Work with IRS if you qualify as an innocent spouse so they can't take your money to pay for your spouses tax problems.
Look at the time line of your taxes due to see when IRS can no longer collect tax from you and apply this to the overall plan for your case.
If your business has payroll tax problems due to late or non payment, or filing issues, we can help get this resolved for you. If IRS has made you responsible for Trust Fund Penalties we can work with you and IRS to find a solution everyone can live with.