The 3 Step Approach


THE ROADMAP TO RESOLUTION – Our 3 step approach

Free consultation for new clients: this is a confidential, no obligation, free consolation where our CPA will evaluate your situation and discuss available options for resolving your IRS problems. Normally this takes 30 to 45 minutes, however there are some cases when the information provided isn’t sufficient to determine a course of action. It’s advised to have all recent notices and correspondence from IRS available during the meeting.   The 1st step is to hire us to obtain IRS transcripts and the record of your account so we can best evaluate your settlement options.

Step 1 – at the end of your consultation, and if we determine you are a good fit for our firm, and you will be given the opportunity to retain us as your tax representative.  You’ll be required to sign an engagement letter and to make financial arrangements to pay for our tax help services.  We will file a power of attorney with IRS, giving you immediate relief from dealing with the IRS.  From this point on, IRS will be required to contact us and not you.  We will gather information from IRS to see what they say you owe, what returns they have on file, what returns you need to file, the penalties they have imposed, and the collection status of your account.

Step 2 – normally before any negotiation/settlement will be accepted by IRS, you must become a compliant taxpayer.  Compliance means all past due income tax returns must be prepared and filed. It also means you must be “current” on your quarterly estimated income tax payments and/or withholding tax at the correct rate for wage earners.  Our CPA is experienced in what must be done to be in compliance and will advise you accordingly.  If you cannot furnish the records necessary to prepare your taxes, Tax Problem Relief, LLC has developed methods, in accordance with IRS regulations, for completing your returns.

Step 3 – We will develop a plan of resolution with the IRS that you can live with and see it through the entire process.  We will monitor the progress of the plan with IRS with diligence and persistence. We will follow-up with IRS as needed and provide additional information if required.  Tax Problem Relief, LLC is in this until the resolution you qualify for is achieved.

Upon the receipt of the documents from IRS agreeing to the settlement, we will review to make sure it is what we agreed upon.  If not, we will go back to IRS and insist the agreement is changed to reflect our negotiated settlement. If IRS is unwilling to do this, we will advise you of your options.  When everything is completed, you will be advised of the requirements you must meet in order to succeed with your resolution and to avoid future tax problems.